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The Gouldian finch is often called Lady Gould's Finch in North America. It was named by the Victorian explorer John Gould after his wife Elizabeth because of its stunning beauty. But these cute birds fastly catching up the pet keepers of the world with their swift and beautiful movements. Really they adorn the exteriors of pet lovers with their magnificent splendor and riots of colors. Bird watching in Kerala visit - Depending upon the nativity, hue and plumage pattern, the finches fall under two groups. These are African finches and Australian grass finches. While the later group of finches includes highly coloured birds such as Gouldian and Parrot finches, the best known members of the former group are frequently described as Wax Bills because of their dull reddish beaks said to resemble sealing wax in appearance.

Among more than fifty varieties including Star, Zebra, Bengalese, Cutthroat, the Gouldian finches are the star attraction in finch groups. She is unusual in that it occurs in three head colours in the wild red, black and yellow. Hens are paler than cock birds which develop a reddish tip to the bill as they come into breeding condition. Such is the interest in Gouldien finch that a number of varieties have been created. These can affect the head colouration or the plumage on the breast or the body and some times the entire body.

Pairs are usually put in cages to breed. Finches need to be kept warm and they must be over wintered in heated accommodation in temperate areas. They lay eggs in a clutch size of four to five. The incubation period is 14 days and the chicks fledge out in 21 days. Gouldian chicks are very drab compared with adult birds. They acquire their adult plumage from the age of about six weeks and till then weaning is risky:Unfortunately it appears that finches have a naturally short life span compared with other pet birds, although this is compensated for their high reproductive rate especially under aviary condition. A pair of this beauty pets may cost upto Rs 10,000.


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