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Payyannoor Pavithramothiram

Pavithra Mothiram

Jewel Sacred

Mothiram (Ring) Exchange is a connection of new relation. But the touch of Payyannur Pavithra Mothiram refers to an immense and honourable connection with the past myths and happenings. ‘Annur’ is the past name of Payyannur. It means people uses Annam (rice) the supreme of their foods. Murugan, who also known as Subrahmanyan, was the supreme God of the people. In Siva kudumba Murugan is a ‘Payyan’. He was called as Payyan. So Payyan “Ooru” (Place) lately called Payyannur. Centuaries ago Vedic Brahmins worshipped Gods with ‘Yagna’ and ‘Homa’. With the continuing Yagna and Homa Payyannur and Perinchallur Kazhakas (Knowledge centres) happened. In each and every Yagna Brahmins put their right finger a ring, which refered to as * Pavithra Mothiram* as the symbol of yagna Mukhya. There were different types of Pavithra Mothiram- Kusa (grass) Pavithram, thread Pavithram, Silver and Bronze etc. This Honourable ring was honoured with one hundred and eight round Manthra japa.

“Om Narayanaya Vidmahe
Vasudevaya Dheemahithanno
Vishnu Prachodayad”

The ring with one hundred and eight round Japa will acquire supreme power. Pavithra mothiram with half round japa also used for Homas and yagnas. But below half round Japa Mothiram never referred to as Pavithra Mothiram; that was the habitual belief.

Continuing yagnas and continuous change of pavithra mothiram for each yagnas, lately neglected. Golden ring with three layers were made with the verdict of superior Mukyas. The famous Pavithra Mothiram's foundation stone was laid thus.

Recently, Pavithra Mothiram is the Payyannur`s own Golden ring with super power. Jewellers announced different types of Pavithra Mothiram and made with special Japamanthra yagna. Payyan's (Murugan) own Pavithra Mothiram at present on a super and proud level.


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